Master Ventures focuses on solving a host of critical problems around transparency, self-regulation, liquidity, and community by incubating in-house projects and taking them to market.

As blockchain innovation transforms the global economy and society, platforms often lack the specialized knowledge and informed perspective necessary to evaluate and respond to fast-moving issues and circumstances encompassing the cryptocurrency space. No one would argue that the blockchain space is riddled with bad press due to hacks, cons, fraud, scam, thefts,cyber attacks etc. Our industry still has the stigma “Wild Wild West” and many look to regulators to provide legislation to prevent such malicious attacks. We believe that it does not make sense to rely on local regulators to provide legislation for global products.

MV Labs builds Self Regulatory In Nature (SRIN) products that aim to set the standard in the industry for things such as exchange compliance, crowdfunding (ICOs), Exchange compliance and Financial instruments. In the spirit of decentralization, we believe in giving people options to the existing platforms that we believe bring far better user protection, making it extremely difficult for bad actors to operate.

CEA is an ecosystem of products for Crypto Exchanges that enables trust & transparency and solves core issues of liquidity, data, and user acquisition.

House of DAO (HoD) seeks to redefine cryptocurrency and blockchain working environments by offering cost effective coworking and coliving spaces and unique lifestyle experiences around the world, with the initial property launch in Koh Phangan, Thailand. 

Our vision is to help crypto-centric entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMBs open and succeed in new markets, by customizing workspace and providing a lucrative network in a “Blockchain Conference” like setting. Spearheaded by Master Ventures, a leading crypto venture and advisory firm, HoD blends work professionalism, hip lifestyle and island living, with a foundation built on strategic collaboration and community that encourages company scaling.

Our focus is on enabling entrepreneurs to build decentralized products in the most conducive work environment available. We believe in enabling the fusion of intellectual diversity and people to build a trusted and transparent future for all.

Opening doors Q2 2020, whitelist now for House of DAO's exclusive presale discounts and offers

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